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 LanSpider: full-featured network file searching utility

LAN Spider goes through your local area network to search the shared directories for certain files: documents, drawings, music & video files and many others. LAN Spider features include:

Fast multi-thread search. LAN Spider is the fastest file searching utility: tests shows 300-500% increased performance over against all other utilities on the market.

Archives support. LAN Spider unpacks archives and looks through the packed files automatically. The following formats are supported: ACE, ARC, ARJ, CAB, LZH, RAR, TAR, ZIP, ZOO.

Domain, workgroup and IP range addressing. You may specify the target hosts by specifying a range of computers within a domain or workgroup or by entering a range of numeric IP addresses.

Plenty of search filters and options. You may find files that contain a certain string or have a specific type, size, date or attribute.

Search results export & printing. You may save your search results into various formats: plain text, CSV, HTML, Excel XLS. Also the results may be printed instantly when the search has done.

Multi-language support. LAN Spider is curretly localized for English and Russian languages. German, French, Spanish and Japanese localizations will be available shortly. You can help us add your language and get a free registration - just e-mail us.

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