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ActivePager, AddTGP, FormTGP and LanSpider are distributed as shareware. It means that you may use full-featured version for limited period of time (30 days).
By registering this software through our secure payment services you can obtain the following advantages:
  •  Registering will disable the 30-day trial period and unlock advanced functions of your program.
  •  Unlimited free lifetime support.
  •  Registered user's suggestions take priority.
  •  Notification of all upgrades via email.

Also, there are discounts for large purchases - see the price list. We also provide a 25% discount to nonprofit agencies and/or academic institutions. Contact [email protected] for assistance.

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Software name Licenses from Up to Price per license,

ActivePager 1.2
(click to purchase)

1 9 14
10 49 11
50 - 7
CrypTalk 1.0
(click to purchase)
1 1 27.95
2 10 19
10 50 14
LanSpider 2.0
(click to purchase)
1 9 29
10 49 14
50 - 4.99
AddTGP 3.6
(click to purchase)
1 1 59
2 4 29
5 - 14
FormTGP 1.0
(click to purchase)
1 1 59
2 4 29
5 - 14
AddTGP + FormTGP bundle
(click to purchase)
1 1 79
2 4 39
5 - 19
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